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Fully automatic drilling machine BOHRMAX Light

The entry-level model for professional use.


In contrast to the BOHRMAX Z, the Bohrmax Light is somewhat lighter and is only equipped with the LAIP quick tool change system.


It is mainly used for drilling and occasionally for milling long holes or circles in profiles.


About the BOHRMAX Light


Fully automatic drilling machine BOHRMAX Z

Drilling and milling machines for fast machining of already sawn workpieces!


Whether drilling, chamfering, long holes, circles, breakthroughs, cutting threads or drilling casting holes. Machining length up to 8 metres!

No problem with the BAUER BOHRMAX - all without programming knowledge.

Easier and more time-saving than with any other machine!


About the BOHRMAX Z

What are the drilling methods ?

There are various drilling methods, which we will gladly list for you:


  •     Round drilling
  •     Core drilling
  •     Drilling
  •     Screw Drilling
  •     Profile drilling
  •     Form drilling


About the drilling machines