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What is conventional milling?

Conventional milling allows a quick and manual intervention in the production process.


Thus, workpieces can be produced here that require both horizontal and vertical milling, for example.

The reclamping can be done easily and quickly by hand.


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What is CNC-controlled milling?

CNC milling is a precise machining process based on computerised numerical control, i.e. computer-assisted machine control.


The CNC milling process is carried out by a computer that is integrated in the control unit of the machine tool.


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What milling processes are there ?

There are numerous milling processes, which we would like to present to you briefly:

  •     Counter-rotation milling
  •     climb milling
  •     Face milling
  •     Circular milling
  •     Screw milling
  •     Gear hobbing
  •     Profile milling
  •     Shape milling